The 5 Biggest Personal Training Myths


1. Credentials don’t matter.

“Credentials ensure the trainer is educated and takes the profession seriously,” says Holly Perkins, a strength and conditioning specialist.

2. You don’t need to warm up.

“You can’t just come in from the car,” Jim Smith, founder of Diesel Strength and Conditioning, says. “Before you get under the bar, you need to work on ankle or hip mobility.”

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3. Push through extreme pain.

“Working clients to the point of sickness to prove something doesn’t benefit anyone,” Joel Seedman, Ph.D., a neuromuscular specialist. “It can cause nervous systems to shut down.”

4. You’ll see immediate results.

Your body will take time to adapt to this new lifestyle. “You should see results after about eight weeks,” says Seedman. “That’s when the physique really starts to change.”

5. You need to book a lot of sessions up front.

The gym may think of you as an open wallet, says Jeff Mucci of Pennsylvania’s Wolfpack Boxing Club. But wait till you know you like a trainer before committing to a long-term package.

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