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5 Foods That Make You Stink

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You know that one guy at the office who eats an extra onion and garlic aioli burger every Friday. You don’t even need to have lunch with him to know what he ordered; you can smell his breath from across the conference room, and he still stinks like a line cook halfway through happy hour.

It’s not his fault. (Well, he could stand to eat a spinach salad once in a while.) Some foods and drinks just make you stink. According to Katie Hake, registered dietitian nutritionist at Indiana University Health, this unfortunate phenomenon has to do with the unique compounds found in certain foods and the way we metabolize them. “Our bodies each have their own individual makeups and different enzymes that are required to break down those foods,” she explains. “Some people break down certain foods in such a way that causes a smell to be released, and we have to get rid of it somehow, whether that’s through urine or sweat.”

But not everyone is affected. Hake explains that our individual biological makeups vary; just like how some people sweat profusely while others have never needed to use deodorant, not every guy who eats an onion will end up smelling like one.

If you didn’t win the genetic lottery and are indeed susceptible to stink-inducing foods, here’s a list of top offenders. Consume at your own (and your cubemate’s) risk.