5 Prowler Exercises That Train Your Entire Body

Prowler Sled Push
James Michelfelder and Therese Sommerseth

The prowler is a versatile fitness tool that can be used to train your whole body in every plane of motion, says Liz Lowe, C.S.C.S., head program designer at Scorch Fitness, a high-intensity interval training gym in Sarasota, Florida. Adding prowler exercises to your routine is an effective way to build total-body strength, power, and muscle, as well as improve your conditioning and help with fat loss. 

For a primer on prowlers, read: What Is a Prowler and How Do You Work Out With It? 

It’s great for beginners and advanced athletes alike as it’s easy to progress as you grow. Simply add more weight, move at a faster pace, cover a more ground, or go for a greater length of time.  

Before we delve into the exercises, take a look at proper form. 

When you’re pushing the prowler, use a firm grip. You can hold higher up or slightly lower so your body is more horizontal if you’re working with heavier weight. Stagger your feet so they’re the same width as your typical running stance. When you start moving, make sure you drive through your forefoot and all your toes keep in contact with the ground to provide more stability and power. Maintain a neutral spine, and stack your body so your head, shoulders, torso, and pelvis are aligned. Keep your core engaged the entire time to stimulate the right muscles and take stress off your joints. 

Prescription: “Start by adding two 45lb plates and go up or down from there depending on the difficulty,” Lowe says. “You can use these moves as finishing exercises 3-4 days per week so you have a chance to get optimal recovery.”

1. Prowler Sprint

How to do it: With your arms outstretched, position your hands a quarter of the way down the push bars so your palms are facing one another. Keeping your back flat, lean into the prowler and stay on your toes as you sprint all-out, pushing the prowler 30 yards.

Recommendation: Rest 1 min and repeat 30-yard sprints for 8-10 reps.

2. Prowler Hamstring Pull

How to do it: Hold the push bars, so your palms are facing one another, and pull the prowler while back pedaling, making sure to keep your chest up and core engaged. Pull for 30 yards. 

Recommendation: Rest for 1 minute and repeat 30-yard pulls for 10 reps.

3. Prowler Row

How to do it: Clip the pull strap attachment to the prowler and grab both handles like you would a seated row machine. Put tension on the straps and pull the prowler toward you, keeping your chest up and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Take a giant step back and repeat the row. Continually row and back pedal for 30 yards.

Recommendation: Rest 30 seconds and repeat 30-yard rows for 5 reps.

4. Prowler Lateral Drag

How to do it: With the harness attachment around your waist and clipped on the prowler, laterally shuffle 20-30 yards, keeping your hips and toes in line and core engaged. Without any rest, lateral shuffle back facing the same direction.

Recommendation: Rest 1 minute and repeat 30-yard drags for 5-8 reps.

5. Prowler Hand over Hand Seated Row w/ Rope

How to do it: Tie a battle rope to the center of the prowler. With the rope stretched out all the way, pull the prowler hand over hand while seated with your legs outstretched. Keep as upright as possible while engaging your core with each pull. Row the prowler down the full length of the rope, bringing one hand in front of the other. Turn the prowler around and quickly walk or jog back to where the prowler started with the end of the rope in-hand. Row it back toward you again.

Recommendation: Rest 30 seconds and repeat hand-over-hand rows for 10 reps.

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