5 natural remedies to soothe your sunburned skin

You slathered on your organic sunscreen, you wore your hat and you made sure to bring an umbrella, but somehow you still ended up with a painful sunburn.

The pleasure of summer is also its peril: Sunshine and the damage it does to skin are no joke. Photo: Federico Giampieri/Unsplash

If you’re looking to avoid rubbing a cocktail of chemicals onto your skin and then subsequently washing them into the environment, don’t worry — we’ve got some natural remedies that will do the trick next time you come back from vacation looking like a lobster.

Here are five of our favorite remedies.

Disclaimer: These remedies are a replacement for neither sunscreen nor good judgement. Make sure you’re staying safe in the sun and being as cognizant as you can of the damage done to your skin.

Witch hazel

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Witch hazel has a long history of being used to naturally cure ailments and injuries. Although it’s a full plant, only the bark, leaves and twigs are used medicinally, according to EverydayRoots.

These parts of the plants contain chemicals called tannins, which, when applied directly to the skin, help “reduce swelling, repair damaged skin, and ward off bacteria.”

To soothe your burn, you’ll need at least 3 tablespoons of witch hazel, depending on how large or small the affected area is, as well as a clean cloth.

Pour the witch hazel in a bowl, soak the cloth and dab onto your burn.

Oatmeal baths

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You may remember oatmeal baths as a home remedy to alleviate the symptoms of chicken pox, but the concoction isn’t limited to curing just childhood ailments. It’s great for a variety of skin issues, from eczema to sunburns.

Oats are naturally hydrating and work wonders for depleted, dehydrated skin.

Check out this oatmeal bath recipe to help heal your damaged skin.

Lavender oil

Lavender, among other essential oils, is known for its healing properties. Photo: Leonard Cotte/Unsplash

Lavender is known for its soothing qualities and, like other essential oils, is celebrated for its healing powers.

Lavender oil contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and also promotes new skin growth, making it an effective healer when it comes to sunburns.

Aloe vera

The go-to cure for skin relief. Photo: Daniel Hanson/Unsplash

Ah, aloe vera: the quintessential cure for all sun damage. The plant is a small miracle in itself, and it has been touted throughout the ages as one of the best natural remedies for burns.

If you have an aloe plant, simply cut off a leaf, slice it lengthwise and apply the gel to the affected area. If you’re buying an aloe vera gel from the store, carefully read the ingredients before purchasing. Less is more when it comes to natural remedies.

Green tea

Two cups a day keep the sunburn away. Photo: Pexels

Not only can tea bags be used as a cure for an already existing sunburn, but studies have shown that drinking two cups a day of green tea can help prevent the burns from forming in the first place.

According to the British Journal of Nutrition, drinking green tea may help against sunburn inflammation and longer-term sun damage. Although human studies in this area are scarce, green tea has many other benefits, so why not get brewing?

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