5 Reasons Fit Guys Should Try Electroacupuncture

rudisill/Getty Images

When your muscles are bundled into angry, contorted knots they’re obviously not working the way they’re meant to contract, shorten, and relax. The culprit can be injury, fatigue, weakness, or simply due to everyday life (aka sitting all damn day). In short, compensation occurs, so your muscles are being forced to move in ways they’re not made to do, some becoming dysfunctional.

Here’s where acupuncture comes into play. The needle hits a trigger point, which causes the muscle to twitch, then relax—relieving pain in that point as well as symptoms that might be radiating elsewhere.

Electroacupuncture ups the ante—adding a pulsating electrical current to the treatment. Here are five ways the treatment can help you relieve discomfort:

  1. Increase pain tolerance
  2. Produce more anti-inflammatory cells that can potentially aid healing
  3. Treat chronic pain
  4. Boost collagen linked to tendon repair
  5. Trigger the release of stem cells into the bloodstream that doctors might be able to harvest and use post-surgery or to treat chronic pain.

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