5 Super Bowl Commercials Every Guy Should See


Let’s cut right to the chase. When it comes to the Super Bowl, every iota of your attention span will be spent focusing on football. Commercials will be used to run to the bathroom, grab another beer from the fridge or load up your plate before the game comes back on. Or maybe you’re that guy who bangs up pushups during the breaks.

But don’t worry. We’ve rounded up five Super Bowl commercials to watch now, so you can focus on what’s really important on game day. 

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Bud Light

This may very well be what dreams are made of or the greatest idea for an up-and-coming arcade attraction. Hopefully both. A Joe Schmo is given a Bud Light bound by the promise of staying true to the motto #UpForWhatever. He accepts, and is led into a real-life game of PacMan complete with fruit gobbling and waka waka-ing ghosts within the fabled maze. 



Dove brings some tenderness to the Super Bowl with this commercial, claiming 90% of men worldwide say that caring is part of their masculinity and strength. This #RealStrength video celebrates the masculinity in all of you. 

Carl’s Jr.

Well, this was the most controversial ad until GoDaddy was berated into pulling down their puppy mill bit. To be fair, though, no one’s being hurt in this commercial. Carl’s Jr. is merely advertising their new “natural” burger, which is opportunely being advertised by seemingly au natural model Charlotte McKinney. Love it or hate it (you’ll probably love it), there’s no denying it’s an attention-grabber. 


Victoria’s Secret

You’ve never seen the Angels in this much clothing before—bras for jerseys, heels for cleats—but we’ve gotta say, it’s not a bad look. Watch the veteran Victoria’s Secret models show their skills on the field, and then remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. “Don’t drop the ball” just took on a very different meaning. 

Old Spice

In true Old Spice fashion, this commercial is in your face, wacky, and mindlessly entertaining. Terry Crews can do no wrong; and will forever be our favorite muscled funnyman.