5 Ways to Be an Amazing Workout Partner

Group fitness row

Nothing’s more annoying than being all revved up to slam some plates, then be kept waiting for a buddy who moseys in like he’s on Caribbean time, yaks while you’re trying to concentrate, or just doesn’t show up at all. Here’s how to be the best possible gym buddy.

1. Always show up on time

Accountability is the fuel that keeps your workouts going.

2. Skip excess chit chat

A little idle talk is fine in between sets, but you don’t want to be “that guy” rambling on and on and on while your partner is doing squats.

3. Ditto, midsession selfies

Post glamour shots on your own time.

4. Agree on strategy

You need to have compatible routines. If one of you is waiting three minutes between sets and the other 30 seconds, this will last as long as a 76ers winning streak.

5. Use pep talks sparingly

You can’t turn every set into the climax of a Rocky movie. I once had a training partner shout, “Come on! Come on! You’ve got this!” at the top of his lungs on every set, even a routine set of dumbbell curls. Pep talks are like salt: A little bit adds spice, too much ruins the meal.

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