5 Ways the World Got Worse in 2013

5 Ways the World Got Worse in 2013

1. One of Belize’s largest Mayan pyramids was demolished to extract crushed rock for a road-building project. That’s like if the Lincoln Memorial were bulldozed for…well, a road-building project.

2. Vice Media flew Dennis Rodman to North Korea as a “basketball ambassador.” (That’s enough right there.)Then D-Rod declared Kim Jong-un a “friend for life.” When asked if the dictator’s human rights violations bothered him at all, Rodman replied, “I didn’t talk about that.”

3. Robert Kraft, owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots, met Vladimir Putin at a 2005 gathering. When Kraft showed Putin his ring from Super Bowl XXXIX, Putin put it in his pocket and walked away. Until this year, Kraft pretended it had been a gift, for the sake of “U.S.-Soviet relations.” It wasn’t.

4. Chinese director Feng Xiaogang gave a speech in April upon receiving the Chinese Film Directors Guild award for best director. At one point, he told the audience, “In the past 20 years, every [Chinese] director faced a great torment, and that torment is [bleep].” That’s right. China has actually censored the word “censorship.”

5. In September, the mayor of Talkeetna, AK, was attacked by a dog. It’s important to note that the mayor is, in fact, a yellow tabby cat named “Mayor” Stubbs, and that he’s held the office for 16 years. “I know it’s ridiculous, but the town is run really well,” said resident Ashley Kearns. It begs questions: Where was security? How could this happen?

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