6 Ways to Arm Yourself for a Transformassacre

6 Ways to Arm Yourself for a Transformassacre

With the Transformassacre Part II set to begin, we encourage you all to follow along with the diet, training plan and chime in on our Facebook and Twitter pages for inspiration and motivation, but before you get started, you’ve got to be armed for battle. Lucky for you, I’ve been through the Transformassacre, and I understand the sacrifice and discipline required to transform your lifestyle. Most importantly, I’ve made mistakes that you can learn from without having to make them yourself. On that note, here are six tips for arming yourself for a Transformassacre. While it won’t be easy or comfortable, it will bring out the best of you. The true transformation here is with willpower. With a strong will, you will be able to weather the physical, mental and emotional challenges you’ll face. So let’s get to it.


Surround yourself with positive people who believe in you. Don’t worry about the rest who don’t, they’ll be believers soon enough. If the people in your life don’t support you in improving your life, what does that say about them? Your supporters will be rooting you on and will remind you of how far you’ve come. They’ll keep you honest and will motivate you to keep going strong. People are going to admire you and look up to you while others will doubt you and try to bring you down. Use both of these channels as fuel to show them all what you’re made of.


Sounds basic and straightforward, but how bad do you really want this? If it’s raining out, you didn’t sleep much last night and nobody will be watching you workout tonight—are you still hungry to get to the gym and work your tail off? You need to be. Surround yourself with strong reminders that will keep you driven. Surround yourself with pictures, songs and movies that you find motivational. You have to want this for yourself more than anybody else wants it for you. So stay motivated and do whatever it takes to remind yourself how great you are going to feel when you’re done. You need to want this badly enough so that when you start getting results, you keep the momentum and don’t settle. In life, when you tell yourself you’ll ”settle”—you wind up settling for less than you thought you would.


The Transformassacre workout and diet is a strategic meal plan made by some of the best trainers in the world. I put their system to the test and it works, but you need to follow it. Eight weeks is not a very long time, so there is very little (if any) margin for error. No excuses—just shut up and do it. By building a routine out of everything and following the plan, it will be easier to resist the temptations of junk food, skipping a workout, or going out for a drink. I didn’t have time to workout or prepare my meals. I made time. Everything else had to fall into place. If you feel like you’re too tired or there aren’t enough hours in the day—you need to make it work. Collect yourself and get your priorities straight. Not following the program is only going to cheat yourself of great results. You’ll have nobody to blame except for yourself. If anything, stick with it just to avoid the guilt and regret of doing things half-assed.


I put myself out there for humiliation by posting before photos and letting the world know about the challenge that I was taking on. This meant that I would either be sharing my success with them or I would be going through the punishment of explaining why I was weak minded and had to quit. I wagered that if I succeeded, I would be boasting my accomplishment, however, if I failed—I’d be humiliating myself to all of my peers. Find something that would up the ante and give yourself an extra incentive to push through.


Are you really trying your hardest? Are you following the plan? Then don’t worry because you’ll be getting great results very soon. By you seeing yourself in the mirror every day, you aren’t noticing how far you’ve come along. Just push yourself as best as you can and trust in the program. Lack of patience could result in over training and if you get hurt, you’re not going to transform anything.


You’re going to notice very quickly that you aren’t as tough as you thought you were. The stronger you get, the harder it gets—it will never get easier. While that should be enough of a reality check, you still may feel a little bit of a chip on your shoulder when you succeed. You should be proud of yourself, but stay humble. You’re leading by example and showing those around you that with hard work we can become stronger and more disciplined. Set a good example and help the weak become strong. There’s always somebody bigger and stronger. Set a good example and inspire others. Don’t be THAT guy that everybody at the gym hates.

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