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7 Foods that Will Keep Your Heart Healthy

 Patrizia Savarese / Getty Images

If you think a heart attack can’t happen to you, think again. The recent news of celebrity trainer Bob Harper surviving a heart attack shook the fitness community. E! Online reported that the 51-year-old devoted CrossFitter just switched, per the recommendation of his doctors, to walking and following the Mediterranean Diet, a plan that relies heavily on plants, some seafood, and a bit of poultry and dairy.

Seeing a guy like Harper get hit with a heart attack can make guys with a family history of heart problems a little extra nervous. But a lean, fit physique isn’t a direct reflection of what’s going on in your arteries. “Would you put the wrong fuel in a supercar, counting on it to run well because it looks good?” asks David Katz, MD, MPH, Founder of True Health Initiative. “The human body is a remarkable machine, but it, too, depends on the right fuel to run long and well.”

Fortunately, the same foods that keep arteries clear can also fuel workouts without tasting like cardboard. “Eat close to nature and predominantly plant foods and you can’t go too far wrong,” Katz says, explaining that this is the diet mantra to keep in mind if you want to prevent a heart attack.

While most edible plants in their lower-processed versions offer heart-attack protection, here are the foods that top the list.