7 Reasons Why Noom Is The Best Wellness App On The Market


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Trying to get in shape is a real difficult proposition. There is a reason that it is called working out. It is basically a full-time job. But there is a bigger problem to overcome than simply dedicating enough time to get the work in. Possibly the biggest issue for everybody is the mental blocks in place. Getting into the right frame of mind to rid oneself of bad habits and then get on the right track to getting healthy.

How does one get into the right frame of mind to do so? This day and age, one of the easiest ways to get into that proper mental space is to get a workout app. Because workout apps aren’t just an app with a list of workouts to do. These apps are basically lifestyle apps that have tons of features to make this new journey a lot easier to go on. One of those apps that stands on top of the heap is Noom.

Noom has become one of the best lifestyle apps in the game because of how easy it is to use and the focus on breaking through the bad habits that hold people back from achieving a better, healthier lifestyle. There are plenty of features within this app that are going to give people all the help they could use. Below are seven of the features within Noom that separates it from the other apps in the world.

  1. Highly Personalized Dietary Plans

    Every lifestyle change is going to necessitate a change in diet. No matter what, the diet tends to be a big issue when it comes to the bodies health. So with Noom, there is an amazing way to figure out how to make the change needed in whatever direction each user wants. Want to bulk up to gain muscle in a healthy way? Or how about slimming down with a lot of muscle tone? With Noom, there is a very in depth quiz that everyone has to take that will give each user a highly customized plan that was crafted by dietitians and nutritionists.

  2.  Lots Of Recipes

    In tandem with the dietary plan, there will be access to a ton of recipes for the foods one could use for the personalized diet. Because it is easy to just say to change up to a different kind of diet. With a bunch of examples on hand whenever needed, it becomes a lot easier to stay on the path. Knowing what is right makes it all a lot more convenient.

  3. Workout Plans

    Working out is going to make getting healthy a lot easier. Getting the body moving and the blood pumping will help the body rid itself of some toxins. It’ll also help the body sweat enough to lose fat and water weight. But not all workout plans are for everybody. The goals may not meet up with the workout. With Noom, the right workout is within reach thanks to the help of the trainers that work at Noom that will craft the right workout based on each persons test results and goals.

  4. Personal Trainer On Call

    When the workout plan is crafted, the job of the trainers isn’t over. Because thanks to the help of Noom, the trainers are on call all the time. If there is a question that you could possibly think up that will affect the training, send them a message and get a message back. It will help keep the training on point and with a live trainer in the corner, motivation will not be hard to find.

  5. Set Goals

    Setting goals will make the journey a lot easier. Because if there is something within reach, there will be something to work towards. With something solid and clear to work towards, the workouts can be tuned to those goals. If it is just a nebulous and unclear goal of “getting healthy”, there may be no real progress getting achieved. Log the goals on the app and keep an eye on them. Being able to see it will do wonders for the lifestyle change.

  6. A Large Community

    Noom is a very popular app. People have really connected to what the app can provide. What makes this great for each user is that there is now a large community within. And with this community, there are plenty of people within reach that can help each other stay on track. Give each other the proper motivation needed to stay on the path. Because if there is one thing that can kill progress dead in its track is not having someone in the corner cheering you on.

  7. Break The Chains Of Bad Lifestyle Habits

    Noom’s big thing is to really get across that the biggest obstacle ahead of everyone is those habits that keep people back from getting healthy. Unhealthy habits are a lot easier to get hooked on than the healthy habits. It’s a sad but true fact. Getting rid of those will make everything ahead easier. But it isn’t easier. Noom knows that and with all the features above, as well as many others, breaking those chains will be easier. So easy that it almost seems like those bad habits were from another life.

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