77.9% of Users Sustained Weight Loss Over 9 Months Using This Program

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The biggest struggle when it comes to losing weight is making sure the weight actually stays lost. We work so hard to rid ourselves of it. But all it takes is a tipsy meal or one lousy late-night dessert, and that weight comes rushing right back on.

That’s often the issue with trendy diets like keto or paleo. They’re not realistic, long-term solutions or lifestyle changes. They practically beg our lost weight to come back as soon as we make one little mistake. You can’t take a break. And keeping up with them can be impossible.

Your wellness journey should be an enjoyable one, not a dreaded, tedious chore. That’s why we’re sticking to Noom from now on.

Based On Science, Founded In Research

In 2016, Nature Research published the results of a study on weight reduction maintenance via smartphone apps, focusing on Noom users. 35,921 users were observed over a year and a half, and everything was taken into account. From frequency of food logging to frequency of weigh-ins, to overall weight loss or gain, it looked at all kinds of factors. The study found that over a nine-month period, 77.9 percent of participants reported a decrease in body weight while using Noom—and obesity was cut by 30 percent. That’s impressive.

Looking deeper into this study, we’re actually picking up tips on how to be more successful while working toward our own health and wellness goals. For example, it turns out dinner input frequency was the most important factor in maintaining weight reduction. Dinner is usually the biggest meal of the day. So the more we remember to log our dinners, the more successful our Noom weight loss regimen will be.

Another finding was that “more frequent input of weight significantly decreased the possibility of experiencing the yo-yo effect.” That means that the more users engaged with the app, the more weight they lost and the better they were able to sustain their goal weight. That’s way easier than hitting the gym daily or visiting a nutritionist.

A Complete Support System for Weight Loss

Noom was designed to help people lose weight, improve their health, and prevent or manage chronic conditions. The special thing about this program is that every individual user’s plan is different. It’s made to fit your lifestyle, your dietary preferences, your goals, and your level of athleticism.

Each user is assigned a Goal Specialist to guide you along the way. These experts are trained in cognitive behavior therapy and check in once a week in one-on-one support sessions, to make sure you’re happy with your plan and to make any necessary changes.

In addition to having a Goal Specialist for guidance, Noom connects you with an entire community of others also working toward weight loss. Motivation from peers is a huge part of what makes Noom so successful at helping people lose weight.

Add in the advanced food-logging system, all the advice, and the countless healthy recipes, and Noom is setting you up for success. Not just for now, but going forward. Sign up for a trial and see just how—and how fast—Noom can change your life.

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