8 Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

Personal training questions

8 Questions to Ask Your Personal Trainer

At one point or another, fitness enthusiasts are likely to either hire a trainer, get the opportunity to train with one, or just pick a trainer’s brain for knowledge. Choosing the right questions to ask a potential personal trainer and knowing the right answers to those questions is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Before you decide to work with one, consider asking these eight essential questions for being productive in a training program. 

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Should I stretch before or after my workout?

Studies are inconclusive. What we do know is that you should not stretch a cold muscle. Stretch after you are warmed up, and if you want to stretch after your workout, go for it.

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What if I only have 30 minutes to work out?

Make the best of it: Do five minutes of cardio then hop off and do 10 pushups, 10 body-weight squats, and 10 crunches. Now hop back on the cardio and do five more minutes and repeat that pod of exercises. Go until you run out of time.

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Where did you get certified as a personal trainer?

It may not matter, but sometimes it gives a little light on why they are training you a specific way. N.S.C.A., N.A.S.M., and A.C.S.M. are the gold standards. There are great trainers who are not certified, but it’s comforting to know that they applied themselves and studied a certain amount of pertinent information. 

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Should I eat protein or carbs after my workout?

Both. Your post-workout meal is arguably the most important meal of the day if you train with any kind of intensity. You need to replenish the glycogen stores that have been depleted by consuming carbohydrates, and you need to make sure you have adequate protein so that your body can repair itself after the beating you just put it through.

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How much should I sleep?

Although eight hours has been a general rule of thumb, new research has emerged that seven hours is the sweet spot for brain function and living longer. Your best bet is seven to eight hours of sack time a night. 

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What cardio should I do?

Whatever you will do. Do cardio that you find most fun first. Then, switch it up to the types that you’re more unfamiliar with to reach an ultimate state of fat burning and aerobic conditioning. 

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How often can I do abs?

If your abs are sore from training, give them a day’s rest. But be sure to work the entire core, in addition to crunches and situps, incorporate moves for stability and obliques such as planks, side bends, Russian twists, leg raises, and leg rotations. 

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Should I train before or after work?

Train when you’re least likely to blow it off or be forced to cancel. It will take you 10-21 days to adapt to a new training time, so stick to your plan and power through. I’m an early morning guy because the sheer numbers alone tell me that less people awake means less people to interrupt me. 

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