8 Unconventional Exercises to Work Your Abs Like They’ve Never Been Worked Before

Just about any fit guy can score a six-pack. But the Men’s Fitness guy doesn’t settle—especially when it comes to sculpting a ripped midsection. Of course, the elusive eight-pack requires that you hit your core at every direction in new ways—like these eight unconventional ab moves from trainer and founder of TRyM Fit, Tim McComsey, RD, NASM.

The five day program to get beach ready abs or the five day old-school program to build muscle like the bodybuilders do.


Decline Smith Press Sit Ups
Perform 12 reps
-Set up a decline bench at 45 degrees under a Smith press machine. The bar should be within reach when sitting on the bench.
-Grab the bar in an overhand grip position with arms straight up to the ceiling.
-Perform a situp while keeping the arms straight throughout the move.
-Exhale as you sit up and push the bar toward the ceiling

Windshield Wipers
Perform 12 reps per side
-Hang from a bar with an overhand or neutral grip.
-Swing your legs up over the bar so they are vertical and your feet are toward the ceiling.
-Contract your abs to hold the position, and let your legs fall to the right until they are perpendicular to the ground.
-Exhale to bring your legs back up to the 12 o’clock starting position. Then do the same thing to the opposite side

Hanging Lateral Crunch
Perform 10 reps per side
-Hang from a bar with an overhand grip with your feet above the ground.
-From a dead-hang, flex your lats as you hold your body in a straight line toward the ground.
-Squeeze your belly button toward your spine and take your feet directly to one side as far as you can, slowly, while squeezing the oblique muscles.
-Return to the start position slowly and repeat on the other side.

Ballistic Cable Twist
Twist at the core for desired number of reps
-Set a U-handle on a dual cable column at shoulder-height.
-Position feet shoulder-width apart with your body positioned 45-degrees from the column.
-Alternate the arm in a slight upper-cut punch, keeping the elbows tight to the body.

Plank: Alternating Leg Pull-Ins with Band
Perform 30 reps total
-Wrap a mini band around both toes. Get into a pushup position and draw your navel in toward the spine.
-Bring one knee up toward the chest—with a flat back—and return back to the ground.
-Alternate both feet.

Single-Arm Cable Row with Abdominal Twist
Perform 20 reps with a light resistance, and repeat on the other side.
-Attach a single bar handle to a cable seated row.
-Sit up with your back straight and feet on ground.
-Exhale and pull the handle right by your side as you twist the torso the same direction.
-Squeeze your lat and oblique muscles simultaneously. Inhale and slowly take the handle back toward the column while untwisting the torso to the start position.

AB Wheel Roll-Out with Band
Perform 12 reps
-Wrap a band around an AB wheel and attach the other end to a sturdy object or training partner.
-Kneel on the ground with both hands on the roller. Contract the abs and roll forward until the back is no longer flat.
-Exhale and bring the roller back to the start position.

Cable Column Plank Reach
Perform 10 reps each arm
-Set up single-handle attachments on a dual cable column.
-Position yourself into a pushup position, facing the column approximately 3 feet away.
-With hands around the attachment, contract the stomach and perform a plank.
-Take your right hand up toward the cable column, in line with your body. Hold for 1 second and lower your hand to the start position.

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