8 Ways to Never Miss a Workout

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Between trails, tracks, fields, in-home fitness equipment, and body weight exercises, there’s no denying that a guy can get real results without stepping foot into a gym. The athlete who wants to increase muscle size and a strength will utilize a combination of gym and out-of-gym training techniques to meet their goals. For this weightlifting athlete, going to the gym is an essential part of the weekly routine, but sometimes it’s easier said than done.

If you’re in a spell of gymlessness, it may take outside help to get you into the workout groove. Follow these eight logical life hacks to make it as convenient as posssible to reach your fitness goals. 

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Make Pump Up Playlists

Studies show music can boost your endurance while making the workout feel easier. Make a few playlists for the hour before you get to the gym and for when you arrive so that you look forward to hearing your tunes during training. 

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Drink Caffeine

Supplementing with caffeine has been shown to increase power output in athletes and reduce muscle soreness. Have ready-to-drink caffeinated beverages with you or pick up a cup of coffee to ensure you’re in the zone. To take this a step further, stash your go-to caffeine source around your house and desk.

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Prepare Your Gear

If you work out in the morning, go to sleep wearing your sports clothes, including compression. When you wake up, you’re not only saving time but you feel motivated to get moving. If you go to the gym at night, bring training clothes with you to work. Also, keep a gym outfit, including sneakers, at your desk and always have a duffel bag packed at home so you can grab and go if you make a pit stop.

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Take a class

Enrolling for a group fitness course such as CrossFit, spin, mixed martial arts, Tabata, or a boot camp ensures a visit to the gym because you’ll likely have to pay for these classes in advance. The same goes with your gym membership. Cover as much as you can, you’ll be more inclined to stick to your workouts.

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Don’t Go Home

For commuters, it’s best to sign up to a gym near work as a convenience factor. If you drive to work and prefer your local facility, bring your gym bag with you and don’t go home first, go straight to your gym. A 24-hour gym is a plus since scheduling conflicts and unexpected work obligations can’t get in the way of training.

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Get a Gym Partner

Hiring a trainer will get your ass in the gym for sure, but going with a friend can also help you get there. Having someone to push you in and out of the gym will remind you that someone out there is working harder than you.

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Have a workout plan

Write down your aesthetic and strength goals for a given time-frame, say 16 weeks. Then, consider how many days a week you plan to work out. From there, use a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach to help design a program for you.

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Make friends with staff

A highly underestimated yet super useful person in your life can be your gym’s staff. Talk to your gym owner or manager about your training goals and ask them about their history with fitness. Befriending the staff at your facility is not only a nice gesture but can also reap perks such as discounted/free classes, training sessions, or memberships. 

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