The 855-pound Squat Fail That’s Amazing Every Time

via YouTube / AWOBE INC jay

I can’t believe this is this first time I’ve come across this video. You know, it’s 2:29 seconds long, but it’s worth every second. It’s just great content all around. You’ve got He-man himself telling his boy to get out of the way of the camera, and you know after that first re-rack there’s no way in this universe that he’s going to even remotely come close to making this happen.

Then you got some other random cat come over for moral support… or to be a complete jerk because he damn well knows what’s about to go down. And finally, my man in the corner left crushin’ squats in the Smith machine. Get some, Smith machine squat guy.

We’re very “appreciative” this has been placed on the internet. 

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