9 Fittest Old Celebrities

9 Fittest Old Celebrities

Back in January 2011, the world lost “Godfather of Fitness,” Jack LaLanne, who lived all the way to the ripe age of 96. The name LaLanne, of course, has been synonymous with “exercise” for over 70 years now, thanks to the man who innovated the way people stay healthy through working out and maintaining a proper diet. LaLanne was the original geek turned Greek god, transitioning his teenage years of junk food and slacking off into an adulthood of getting ripped and…posing with women on his shoulder. Through his lifetime of opening gyms and promoting good nutrition, LaLanne maintained his pristine physique into his twilight years (when he was known best for hawking Juice Tigers on infomercials across the tube). The loss of LaLanne has created a huge void in our world’s supply of ripped old dudes, but here is a list of guys, all over the age of 60, who are still flexing with the best of them on the senior circuit.


Sylvester Stallone

Age: 65

It’s been 35 years since he yelled, “Yo Adrian!” in multiplexes across the world, and while his contemporary, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has been out of the game for a while, Stallone has been chugging along as an aging action hero. With Rambo and Rocky sequels in the past ten years, not to mention the budding Expendables franchise, Sly has done his best to stay in shape for all that onscreen ass-kicking.


Lou Ferrigno

Age: 60


Another bodybuilding icon, Ferrigno became a household name for his portrayal of The Incredible Hulk in the late ’70s TV show and subsequent TV movies. These days, Ferrigno is better known for comical turns (playing himself) on The King of Queens and in the film I Love You Man. He’s also been promoting his own line of workout equipment (Ferrigno Fitness), and was, oddly enough, a longtime personal trainer to Michael Jackson before he passed away in 2009.


Chuck Norris

Age: 71

Before he was known best for a ridiculous collection of superhuman “facts,” Norris was one of the world’s premier martial arts experts, having battled onscreen with legend Bruce Lee. Since then, the former Walker, Texas Ranger star has been somewhat under the radar, promoting personal fitness and Chun Kuk Do, a Korean/American martial arts hybrid he created. For many, though, he will always be known for his role in the acclaimed film Sidekicks, which was basically The Karate Kid… with Chuck Norris.

Jim Brown

Age: 75

One of the NFL’s all-time greats, Jim Brown only played until the age of 29, racking up all types of milestones during a rather short career. Still, it gave him plenty of time to break into the acting biz, as he went on to star in films like The Running Man, Any Given Sunday and Mars Attacks! There are few greater cinematic experiences than watching Brown box his way out of an army of (poorly) computer-animated Martians.


Danny Trejo

Age: 67

After a tough upbringing of drug abuse and petty theft, Danny Trejo took up boxing during a prison stint and never looked back. What followed was a long career as a character actor in countless action films, in which Trejo always played the meanest looking dude in the room. The hard work in Hollywood paid off, when in 2010 Trejo received his first, major starring role in the film Machete. He can be most recently seen on the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy.


Iggy Pop

Age: 64

While he’ll never be confused for Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop has managed to age rather nicely compared to some fellow rock legends; you know, the ones who have to be poked with a stick every once in awhile to make sure they’re still alive (i.e., this guy). While many may question how the former Stooges frontman has been able to maintain his heroin chic physique, Pop claimed that the secret to his success has actually been a dedication to Tai Chi since his 40s. The man’s clearly got a “Lust for Life.”

R. Lee Ermey

Age: 67

Everyone’s favorite real life and movie drill sergeant, R. Lee Ermey is best known for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, a role he went on to reprise in, well, just about everything (the Toy Story movies, Saving Silverman, GEICO commercials, etc.) In addition to staying in shape, Ermey has also made time to visit troops overseas, which we can only imagine is awesome for troops overseas.


Stephen Lang

Age: 59

While he looks like the heir apparent to Ermey, as Hollywood’s next “Badass Old Military Dude,” Lang, known for his ruthless role as Colonel Quaritch in Avatar, actually got his career start on Broadway. Also, while Lang is 59, and hence, one year too young for this list, his grayish white hair clearly makes up for what he lacks in seniority. The ripped New York native can currently be seen on the Fox sci-fi drama Terra Nova.


Izzy Mandelbaum

Age: 80

Last, but certainly not least, in the world of fictional fit seniors, no one holds a candle to Izzy Mandelbaum from Seinfeld, the Del Boca Vista fitness guru summoned by Jerry’s parents to whip their son into shape. Owner of the Magic Pan crepe restaurant, Mandelbaum is always ready to throw down in a weight lifting contest, or even throw around the old medicine ball. Yup, it’s go time. Man-del-baum! Man-del-baum!

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