A 20-Minute Yoga Routine for Muscle Recovery

We’re with Yo Yoga founder and instructor Rebecca Weible to take you throw a sequence geared towards athletic recovery and soothing sore muscles.

Your body aches from a long trail run or hilly day of biking. Or maybe it was just a really tough CrossFit class or leg workout at the gym. Whatever the reason, you’re sore and run down, and though you know it’s not a day for the gym, you want to do something to soothe your tight, exhausted muscles. Enter: Yoga for athletic recovery.

We teamed up with Rebecca Weible, founder and instructor at New York City’s Yo Yoga! to present a simple and effective 20-minute routine. The gentle workout targets stiffness and soreness, particularly in notoriously troublesome areas like the lower back, IT band, and calves, and also enhances flexibility and helps calm the mind (we hope). If you’re new to yoga, don’t stress — we provide simple variations throughout to make this workout adaptable regardless of your level. Best of all, there are no fancy props required, so just grab a yoga mat (or any exercise mat, or even a towel) and Zen out.

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