A Beer For Your Hair

 Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Pale ale or porter? You know which brew your palate prefers, but how about your hair? Beyond cold, crisp refreshment, a handcrafted beer can score you shiny, healthy-looking locks. That’s because its main ingredients – barley, hops, and yeast – have tons of proteins, B vitamins, and natural oils that nourish, strengthen, and pep up dull hair.

Curious? You could take a tall boy into the shower and dump it over your head – but then you’d still need a follow-up shampoo and, more importantly, there’d be one less beer left for you to drink. Better idea: Try Bröö. This new line of beer-based hair care harnesses the nutrient prowess of our favorite frothy beverage to promote clean, gleaming hair. That’s because instead of plain water, the main ingredient used in most shampoos and conditioners, Bröö uses actual beer, and blends it with natural cleansers and enriching botanical oils. And the beer used in Bröö is not Budweiser. Brad and Sarah Pearsall, the Asheville, North Carolina husband and wife duo behind Bröö, tested all types of craft swills before choosing an oatmeal porter, an India pale ale, and an American pale ale from Asheville, North Carolina’s Highland Brewing Company for their three different shampoo and conditioner sets.

So how did Bröö do? We won’t lie, the light-brown color and rich, slightly sweet – but definitely not beer-like – aroma were unexpected for a shampoo, but they weren’t at all bad. Also, Bröö feels thinner and doesn’t create suds as much you may be accustomed to, although there’s a great reason for that. Unlike conventional shampoos and conditioners, which are packed with synthetic scents, dyes, and preservatives, as well as harsh sulfates to create that bubbly-soap effect, Bröö bucks the chemical cocktail in favor of simple, nature-derived ingredients. If you’ve used natural shampoos and conditioners before, you already know how they differ in feel and spreadability.

But what we really care about it is how Bröö left our hair: soft, shiny, and looking alive. Now, that’s worth a toast. [$12.99, 8 oz; broo.com]