A Deeper-Cleaning Shower

Mj 618_348_a deeper cleaning shower gel

Most of the time, a shower is purely functional – scrubbing and rinsing just enough to get off the day’s dirt. But your daily shower can also be place where you practice good skin care. For those days where you have more than 10 minutes, you should reach for a specialty product, like the Hammam line from Rituals, the European skincare brand that is now opening its doors in the U.S. 

Start with Hammam’s Olive Secret. This stuff goes on thick (it feels almost greasy coming out of the tube), and is meant to soak into your skin, not lather. The eucalyptus and olive oil within work to moisturize and prevent dry skin. Rinse off, and you’re ready for round two: a rubdown with the Hammam Hot Scrub to exfoliate, which will get rid of any dead skin and deep dirt. Spicy ginger in the scrub adds some heat, leaving your skin feeling warm even after you step out of the shower. If that’s too many steps, no need to rinse in between: Apply the Hot Scrub right on top of the Olive Secret to get the same results – and still be out of the shower in 10, maybe 15, minutes.

[Hammam Olive Secret, $15; Hammam Hot Scrub, $25] 

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