A Hairstyle That’s Even Worse Than the Man Bun

The current man braid is made from a short man bun cut.
The current man braid is made from a short man bun cut. Youtube

The man bun trend reached a fever pitch in 2015, though we had our substantial reservations. In fact, according to Google it was the most searched hair trend of the year. While that doesn't change our viewpoint on the matter — you should be committed to a Jared Leto–like mane to rightfully don a bun — the new year means we're primed for another trend. Enter the man braid.

We should be clear: The men's braids are by no means new. Men of color have worn cornrows and plaits for aeons (as a middle schooler, I myself wore one), though the look has fallen out of favor as other longer-haired styles like dreadlocks have come to the forefront. Plus, a man braid isn't very different than a woman's braid except on the head of a dude. In this new iteration though, the style is being billed as a next step for an overgrown man bun. (Pro tip: If you're looking a little like Justin Beiber, you're nowhere near braid territory.)

Listen, we get it. When guys have put the time and attention into a man bun, growing it from an undercut, through their "pineapple" phase, and then beyond the point where it can neatly stay tucked into a bun, you want something else. But plaiting one side of your hair and leaving the rest out, going full blown, getting a french braid, or even going with a crown? That's not really how you want to present yourself to the world.

If you're going for longer hair, there are tons of more appropriate styles that don't include you looking as if you'd let a toddler play stylist. An old professor of mine used to tie his back in a ponytail, much like what Matt Damon has been known to rock. Instead of sporting the typical man braid's mostly shaved, partially grown-out beast, Jared Leto nailed the look by pulling back his locks into one neat braid. And if you can't figure out what to do with it — or you're just considering long hair to fit into some perceived crowd — don't forget that you can always just cut it.