A Low-Cal Frozen Dessert That Tastes Good

Mj 618_348_low calorie ice cream

If you reluctantly try to avoid summer’s most mouthwatering food – ice cream, of course, because it’s unhealthy – then we have a surprise for you. Arctic Zero, an ice-cream-like frozen dessert in delectable flavors like chocolate peanut butter and mint chocolate cookies, has only 150 calories and no saturated fat per pint. Yes, you read that correctly: You can eat the whole pint for just 150 calories, which means each half-cup serving actually has only 37 calories.

To give you an idea of just how low Arctic Zero is on the calorie spectrum, Häagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream clocks 1,040 calories and 40 grams of saturated fat per pint, while somewhat healthier vanilla frozen yogurt still socks you with 680 calories and 4 grams of saturated fat in one pint.

You get it, Arctic Zero is healthy, but how does it taste? Like sweet frozen heaven, according to our recent taste test (and its many devotees, among whom many are men). Okay, so it’s not as creamy or rich as regular ice cream, but for 150 calories and zero fat, it’s pretty damn good. Oh, and did we mention each pint has 14 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, too? So, unlike regular ice cream or frozen yogurt, you’re not just sucking down empty calories that will spike your blood sugar and make you hungry later. Made from whey protein concentrate, Arctic Zero would even be an ideal recovery treat after a workout. You won’t find it at your local ice cream joint, but you can find it in one of eight flavors at Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix, and other food stores for $4 to $5 a pop. [myarcticzero.com]

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