A Scent With Sensibility


In an age of Axe Body Spray excess, a gentle reminder: A man’s cologne should whisper, not shout. Embodying that sage advice is Burberry’s newest cologne, dubbed Brit Summer. Though its name may conjure images of chilled soggy streets, it only takes a whiff to recognize that Burberry has bottled the essence of summer freshness.

With top notes of mandarin, lime, and cardamon – a sweeter-smelling spice similar to ginger – the cologne is light, crisp, and fresh. Yet thanks to heavier base notes of mahogany wood, white musk, and vetiver (a fragrant grass, sourced from Haiti), the fragrance won’t leave passersby confusing you with a woman. The limited edition cologne’s perfect balance of deep and light notes make Brit Summer a solid transitional fragrance, too: Lightly spray on your wrist once before a long day in the sun, and then add a spritz more before an evening dinner.

As its name suggests Brit Summer is a seasonal scent, so you’ll want to switch up to something a bit muskier once winter rolls around. But for now, as the season’s heat kicks into overdrive and olfactory senses are on high, Burberry’s latest is like the perfect party guest: fun, attractive, and doesn’t linger a moment too long. [$62; us.burberry.com

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