A Shaving Kit for Fall


As far as your face is concerned, the autumnal equinox on September 22 signifies that the summer beard you’ve been getting away with (you know, because it blocks the sun’s UV rays) has a strong likelihood of taking a hiatus. Yup, fall’s all about getting back to the grind, and Harry’s Shave, a new independently run line of affordable shaving products, has some much needed incentive to help you return to your regularly scheduled shaving routine.

The company has launched the F/W Truman Set, which includes limited edition, autumn-inspired shaving handles. 

Pause. Yes, it’s a collection of seasonal razor-blade handles. At first, we rolled our eyes a little, too, but seeing the deep red, chocolate, walnut, and navy colors near the sink helped to spark more than a little wistfulness for crisp, smokey air, camping without humidity, hot toddies, sleeping with the AC off, coffee without ice, and flannel. And if your beard has to go because authority figures at work are paying attention to rules once again, it’s so much easier to do it with an instrument that evokes all the aforementioned things.

So we gave in and exchanged our carefree, throwback summer beard for that good ol’ masculine ritual of slicing the hair off your cheeks and chin with sharp steel blades, replete with colors that remind us of the seasonal metamorphosis.

The German-engineered blades – included with the kit and available via an auto-refill program for $1.88 a pop – are crafted in a “Gothic Arch” pattern, meaning that each of the four razors in the cartridge are sharpened at different angles. Set on a rubber hinge that moves to the contours of your face, the variation in shape attacks the hair at different angles, leaving nothing but smooth skin in its wake. The handles are made to feel agile, like paintbrushes, with a zinc alloy core and smooth polymer coating.

Harry’s makes its own natural shave cream, too, employing a blend of moisturizing marula and coconut oils, protective vitamins E and B5, and soothing milk thistle, cucumber, and licorice. Ah, licorice . . . the shave cream comes with the slightest scent of the holidays. The next time you find yourself with enough time off from work to allow a revisit to more bearded days, you will then have to summarily shave. [$20 for the handle, three blades and shaving cream; harrys.com]

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