A Teenager Does 7,306 Pull-Ups, Sets New Record

Grip the bar, pull yourself up so your entire head's over it, fully extend back down, and do it again — that’s a true pull-up. Any guy who's tried to do more than a few in his lifetime will tell you that you have to be strong to do 10, and you have to sell your soul to the fitness gods to be able to do 7,306 of them over a full day. But 17-year-old Andrew Shapiro recently broke a Guinness World Record doing just that and raising $4,000 for cancer research — and it only took him 18 hours. The former record? A measly 6,800.

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According to The Washington Post, the Virginia teen's training schedule went like this: Do 10 pull-ups within a minute. Repeat that for six hours. That’s pretty much it. Not surprisingly, Shapiro wants to be on American Ninja Warrior. “I’ve always liked challenging myself, so I’ll add this to my resume as a person for American Ninja Warrior. I figure they won’t say no to someone who has the world record for pull-ups,” Shapiro says.

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If you want to attempt to break this new record, we suggest you start right here

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