A Toolkit for Fighting Soreness

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Yeah, you can get a lot done with a $20 foam roller. But sometimes you need to dig a little deeper. My favorite is the TriggerPoint performance collection, which hit the nail on the head with a set of tools to target everywhere you’re sore.

The Footballer is great for massaging sore feet, and it’s the perfect size for self-myofascial release (SMR) on the calf muscles. Plus, you can use the storage block to elevate the foot, which makes it easier to apply pressure without turning calf rolling into a shoulder strength exercise.

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My tight quads need regular attention, but I used to skip rolling them because I always felt off-balance and too far away from the ground. The rubber wheels on the QuadBaller stay in place, and the elliptical shape allows you to really dig into knots and sticky fascia. But my favorite part of the whole kit is probably the pair of massage balls, which are good for working out everything from tight traps to achy hamstrings. They have more give than lacrosse balls, but they’re not as squishy as tennis balls, and they come with a travel-friendly drawstring sleeve that you can use to create a “peanut” shape that’s perfect for massaging the thoracic spine. [$129.99; tptherapy.com

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