The Oscars may have A-list cachet, but the Taurus World Stunt Awards had a motorcyclist doing jumps over the red carpet, flaming (literally) fashion show models, and the host—none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson—making a grand entrance in an armored car, crashing onto the stage.

Held outdoors on the Paramount Studios lot, the event honoring stunt professionals also featured Harrison Ford, Jessica Alba, Ali Larter, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presenting a Lifetime Achievement Award to Burt Reynolds, and a performance by Joe Cocker.

“I’ve done a few but when they get tough we call in the stunt double,” The Rock said pre-show about his own stunt work, naming as his favorites “any stunt that makes me look like a complete badass that I don’t actually have to do.” Next up in The Game Plan in September, he’s “finishing up Get Smart with Alan Arkin, Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell.”

300 star Gerard Butler, accepting the Action Star of the Year award from Dennis Hopper, did a double take when he seemed to recognized some of the Spartan-costumed men on stage and got a laugh when he remarked, “I was sincerely hoping to never see another person with leather underpants and a red cape.” Praising “the stuntmen who made 300 something special,” he hoisted the bull-headed bronze statue. “If this doesn’t get me laid,” he said, “I don’t know what will.”

Earlier, on the red carpet, presenter Kelly Hu, looking statuesque herself in a slinky bronze metallic dress, talked about upcoming projects. “I have a move called Stiletto—I play a detective. Not a lot of action for me in that but I get little bit more in The Farmhouse, coming up. And I’m going to have a huge action role in a movie I’ll be doing in Bulgaria called The Tournament.”

Snowboarder Shaun White, also a presenter, shifted to skateboarding now that it’s warm but does plan to compete in the next Olympics, “and maybe the one after that, as long as it’s fun and I’m having a good time.”

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