Actor Aamir Khan Totally Transformed His Body for His New Movie ‘Dangal’

Actor Aamir Khan Totally Transformed His Body for His New Movie ‘Dangal’

When Bollywood actor Aamir Khan commits to a movie role, he freaking commits.

Khan’s seriousness about his work has never been as evident as it has been for the film Dangal, in which he’s portraying former Indian amateur wrestler and coach Mahavir Singh Phogat.

But while most movie stars—from Zac Efron to Nick Jonas to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson—face the usual challenge of getting ripped, Khan had to first get fat and then get chiseled. And he only had four months to pull it off.

“Though I went through bodybuilding to get a certain look for my film, this (Dangal) was one of the most dramatic body transformations so far,” Khan told the Hindustan Times. “The film has two phases. For one part, I had to put on weight. So, I weighed 96 kgs with 38% body fat.”

To help put on the weight, Khan ate “samosa, vada pav, chocolate, cakes, brownies” and other treats.

Then, Khan said, “I had to reduce to 9% body fat within five months. That was a huge task.”

To transform into the younger, fitter version of his character, the actor stuck with fruit, the Indian food upma, and protein shakes after his intense gym workouts.

The results were pretty stunning: an absolutely ripped dude with a rock-hard six-pack, massive biceps, and a chiseled chest.

His impressive results will hit the big screen soon: Dangal, directed by Nitesh Tiwari, is set for release on December 23.

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