Actress Sylvia Hoeks on Working With Harrison Ford, What She’s Most Attracted to in a Man, and Training Six Hours a Day for ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Sylvia Hoeks
FotoFloor/Pim Thomassen Agency

Were you nervous about making a new Blade Runner?

The original is a classic, so that can be risky. Everybody was aware of that going in, but this isn’t a remake, it’s a new story—the artistic reasons to do it were strong. And to be involved with these talented people—it kept me from worrying.

Be honest: Is Harrison Ford a dick?

Actually, he’s a very funny, kind human being. He smiles a lot. When he’s on set, he’s joking around all day.

Elite Models discovered you when you were just 14. Did modeling hurt or help you with acting?

It got me out of my shell and taught me how to work with my body as an instrument. And you have to use your imagination, which is like being an actress.

But I had some hard times in acting school [at Maastricht Theatre Academy]. It’s a really great school—the oldest in Holland—but the other students would say, “What is that model doing here?” So I made myself as ugly as I could so they’d just get over it.

Do you work out?

I worked out like crazy for this movie! Six hours a day, six days a week, for three months before and six months during shooting—1 1⁄2 hours of weight training, two or three hours of cardio, then martial arts.

They wanted me to gain 15lbs of muscle—it took a lot of work to get there. [Laughs] But it was fun. I got addicted to it.

What past era would you want to live in?

I guess the Woodstock era. I’m a hippie at heart—I always want everyone to be happy.

What makes a man sexy in your eyes?

Self-humor—don’t take yourself too seriously. If a man’s able to laugh about himself, that’s good. You can be in love with a man, or share his bed, but if there’s no humor, there’s nothing.

Best pickup line you’ve ever heard?

No pickup lines! They’re the worst. But I love jokes. In a group, I feel like one of the guys. I’m very comfortable with men—they’re freer and a lot of fun!

Blade Runner 2049 premieres October 6.

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