Alexandra Daddario on Her Very First Nude Scene, Doing Improv for ‘Baywatch,’ and the Best Fitness Advice the Rock’s Ever Given Her

Alexandria Daddario
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Having to conduct an interview with Baywatch babe Alexandra Daddario from afar, not in person, is the kind of thing to make a grown man bite his fist in frustration. Not just because the sapphire-eyed, buxom brunette—who’s also starred in TV’s True Detective and the film San Andreas—is superhot, but because she’s also supercool, even when relating her suspicions that two presidents have seen her naked. Yes, two presidents: Talk about the privileges of being commander-in-chief.

Men’s Fitness: You had a nude scene in the first season of True Detective. When you heard President Obama had ordered a copy of the show, you tweeted, “The president has seen my boobs.” Did you ever meet him?

I did! I was a guest at the White House, and, no, he didn’t mention my boobs to me. But if he saw True Detective, he’s seen them. The current president may have also seen them…

That’s a good bet, given his track record. What kind of research did you do for your Baywatch role?

I watched a bunch of episodes of the show. We all took some creative liberties with the characters—we had a lot of opportunity to improvise and bring our own sense of humor to the roles. We could curse, or make a dick joke, and no one said, “You can’t do that.”

The movie is completely off the wall—in the best way—and very self-aware. When Nicole Eggert found out I was playing her old part, she congratulated me on Twitter.

You’ve made two movies with The Rock. Did you get any fitness tips from him?

The biggest thing I learned from Dwayne is that he has his diet, but he also has a cheat day. I really love that!

If you focus on eating really healthy all week, you need the freedom to have a day to eat whatever you want and relax. If you get burned out, you’re not going to reach your goals, physical or otherwise.

Your dad was the deputy chief of counterterrorism for New York City. Was he the type who’d clean his shotgun when your boyfriends came over?

[Laughs] My dad was so busy with work, I don’t think he had any idea what was going on in my love life! 

I never felt comfortable bringing boys over—not that there were any to bring over. I always wanted someone to date—I wasn’t successful. You’d be surprised, I’m very low-key and pretty much a homebody.

What’s the sloppiest attempt a guy’s ever made to ask you out?

The thing I hate most is when someone is vaguely insulting to get my attention. Once, a guy even criticized one of my movies.

I’m very slow-moving with my relationships, and I prefer someone friendly and nice. You don’t need to try that hard.

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