All This Man Has Eaten for 25 Years Is Pizza

All This Man Has Eaten for 25 Years Is Pizza

The next time you beat yourself up for indulging in a couple slices of pizza, think about this: There’s a guy who’s survived on nothing but pizza for the last 25 years.

Then feel better about yourself.

Dan Janessen, a 38-year-old woodworker from Maryland, eats an entire 14” pizza every day, and he never gets sick of it. Although he is diabetic, he claims that he has plenty of energy and doctors say that his cholesterol is fine.

Janessen does see a therapist for his unconventional eating habits. When asked if his therapist has helped him open up to other food choices, he said, “…one of the reasons I like to go see her is because she’s in the city and I can go to Joe Squared (a pizza place nearby) after to get pizza.”

If we were to prescribe a tweak to Janessen’s diet, we’d start with a healthier pizza recipe. Homemade varieties can be healthy, quick, and doable for guys who are craving some cheesy goodness without expanding their waistlines. So drop that greasy pizza box and give it a shot.

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