“American Muscle” Premieres Tonight


Ever wonder what it’s like to train with elite athletes? Get inside their head and training with Mike Barwis and his team at Barwis Methods, a gym in Detroit, as they go through the paces with athletes like Richard Sherman, Rashad Evans, and Ndamukong Suh in American Muscle, premiering tonight on the Discovery Channel at 9 EST.

“The show is about a lot of things,” says Barwis. “It’s about what we do training high-level athletes and some of the interactions that we have with those individuals, the camaraderie that goes into a group of elite athletes that train together; each episode is a select athlete being featured with a combination of other athletes involved, as well some of the stuff we do with people with disabilities. It’s pretty unique in that not only is it a look into the training that is a portion of it, but it is more a look into the people who work at our facility and their uniqueness.”

Catch a fuller Q&A with Barwis in our September issue, and tune in to Discovery Channel tonight.