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Everybody wants to know where they’ve come from. What exact region is our family from? Did we stay in one place, or continue to move around? AncestryDNA doesn’t just answer all those questions but provides context for your history, as well.

AncestryDNA aims to answer every question we might have around where we came from. The process of getting an in-depth breakdown of one’s DNA is really simple. Just order a DNA kit from Ancestry, fill up the sample container with saliva, and then send it back in a prepaid package. Six to eight weeks later, the results are broken down online.

AncestryDNA tests gets really specific about our past. For example, if you’re from Italy, you’ll know specifically which region of Italy your family is from, sometimes down to the city. In certain regions, it’ll even help contextualize why family members left in relation to what was going on in the area at the time.

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That’s not all. AncestryDNA is also always adding new features, like DNA Traits. DNA Traits help determine how our DNA makes us totally unique, including how our genes affected our appearance. Track traits like cilantro aversion, eye color, photic sneeze reflex, facial hair thickness, and much more. No more hypothesizing—learn exactly why and how you are the way that you are. And now that the community is so widespread, family trees can become even bigger as shared DNA can be matched throughout the community to help find even more connections.

AncestryDNA hopes to take the mystery out of your family history. Seeing the grand arc of a family can lead to eye-opening revelations. More information—especially when it comes to your genes or family—is never a bad thing. Ancestry has made getting this information easy and now, with a summer sale, these services can be procured for 40% off. Get to the truth of the family now.

Get It: Pick up the AncestryDNA Kit ($59; was $99) at Ancestry DNA.


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