Anthony Kim’s Four Key Exercises


Many have predicted that Anthony Kim has the talent to become the “next Tiger.” For now, he just trains like him. Kim, 24, is part of the next wave of young players who grew up watching Woods and who’ve borrowed some of his strategies. The young phenom also utilizes the training methods used by Woods, who has become a mentor to Kim.

The following four moves demonstrate how the up-and-coming PGA star keeps his core muscles strong to help improve his swing on the golf course.


Why: Targets hips, quads, and glutes

How to do it: (1) Start on your back, with knees bent and hips on the floor. (2) Hold an eight- to 18-pound medicine ball above your head. The heavier the ball, the easier it’ll be to get into the movement. (3) Perform a crunch into a full situp. (4) Using the ball for momentum, stand up. Keep your feet on the floor and squeeze through your heels. (5) Press the ball overhead and reset into the starting position.

How many: 3 sets of 12-15


Why: “He likes doing those because he says it’s actually helping his swing,” Rich says. Kim brings the ball across his body, right to left, in the motion of his downswing.

How to do it: (1) Face opposite your partner. You may also do these against the wall. (2) Toss a six- to 12-pound medicine ball to your partner/the wall. Instead of just twisting at the hips, open up your hips and follow through like you would with a club in your hands. (3) Once you catch the ball, reset into a golf starting position.

How many: 3 sets of 10-12


Why these: One of the biggest muscle groups for golfers is the glutes, but it’s a hard area to work without heavy lifting. This move solves the problem.

How to do it: (1) Place exercise bands just above your ankles. (2) Squat into a putting position. (3) Take eight short, choppy steps to the side. Make sure you open your feet up the same distance that you bring them back together. (4) If you’re working out in a confined space, like a hotel room, you can simply move side to side.

How many: Eight left, eight right


Why these: Targets multiple muscles, like abs and lower back.

How to do it: (1) Rest your shoulders (but not your back) on a physio ball. From your shoulders to your knees, you should try to maintain a straight line, parallel to the floor. (2) Outstretch a 10-pound medicine ball (or barbell or plate) above your chest. You can go heavier, all the way up to 25 pounds. Don’t bend your arms. (3) Turn to the right (your shoulders and head following the movement), then to the left. That’s one.

How many: 3 sets of 12-15