Anywhere Workout: Training on a Staircase or Bleachers

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A flight of stairs is more than just the escalator’s annoying cousin. It’s a universal gym all on its own. We’ll show you how to use one, whether it’s in your house or on the bleachers at a high school stadium, to work your whole body and burn fat.

Warm Up

Jog up the staircase at half speed and walk back down. Repeat five times.

Sprint—Set 1

Sprint up the steps and walk down. Repeat for five total sprints.

Pushup—Set 1

Perform as many pushups as you can with your feet on the third step and hands on the ground. Rest 10 seconds, then move to the bottom of the stairs and do flat pushups. Rest, then place your hands on the third step up and rep out again.

Stair Jump

Stand at the bottom of the steps and jump onto the staircase, landing on the highest step you can, softly and under control. Walk back down and repeat for six total jumps. Rest 30 seconds, and repeat for two sets.

Pushup—Set 2

Perform 10 pushups with your hands on the first step. Walk your hands up to the second step and repeat. Continue, performing 10 pushups on each step. Rest one minute.

Sprint—Set 2

Sprint up the stairs and walk back down to the bottom. Repeat immediately and continue for three total sprints.

Ab Walkout

Crouch on the middle of the staircase and walk your hands down the steps until your body is straight. Hold for as long as you can. Rest 15 seconds, and repeat for three sets. Rest 60 seconds, then repeat the entire workout once more.


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