Are Crawling Exercises Good for Strength Training?

Are Crawling Exercises Good for Strength Training?
 Lorado/Getty Images

Well, we just got done “bear crawling” at a fitness boot camp class, so, yes, crawling exercises are a thing. But why?

“Crawling is a terrific source of anti-rotational core stability, shoulder stability, and functional strength-building,” says Laura Miranda, D.P.T., M.S.P.T., a NYC-based doctor of physical therapy and personal trainer.

“It helps keep your shoulders healthy longterm, and—because of its intense neuromuscular and coordination demands—makes your body ‘neurologically smarter’.”

Plus, it’s fierce cardio and a serious calorie-burner.

“Crawling also promoted cross-lateralization—getting the right brain to work with the left brain,” says chiropractic clinician Justin Klein, of Got Your Back Total Health in Washington, D.C.

And there’s not much of a learning curve: “We all know how to crawl because it’s hardwired into us,” says Klein.

One difference, though: Babies don’t wear kneepads, but we suggest you do, at least at the start. Or at the very least wear tights or pants.