Are Delta 9 Gummies or Full-Spectrum Gummies Right for You?

Are Delta 9 Gummies or Full Spectrum Gummies Right for You?

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You might have heard about or already experienced the benefits of CBD gummies for relaxation, sleep, exercise recovery, and more. You might even have seen our list of the Top 7 CBD gummies from cbdMD, a company that we like partly because their broad spectrum CBD products have no detectable levels of THC.

But what if you want a little THC? Or more than a little? That’s where full-spectrum CBD gummies enter the picture.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies are similar to broad spectrum, only they contain THC. cbdMD’s gummies include low-potency, full-spectrum gummies and the high-potency full-spectrum Delta 9 THC gummies. Both types contain Delta 9 THC, but the latter has more of it, hence the name.

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What Is Delta 9 THC?

THC occurs naturally in cannabis, but its molecular structure can change a bit depending on conditions. In the living plant, it takes the form of THCa, which isn’t intoxicating (so don’t try grazing on anyone’s pot farm!).

But the application of heat turns THCa into Delta 9 THC. That’s the THC that gets people high when they smoke marijuana or eat edibles made with it. That’s also the type of THC that people use for health reasons, in states where that’s allowed. And, it’s important to note, it’s the type of THC most drug tests look for.

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What Are the Benefits of Full-Spectrum Gummies?

The nice thing about the gummy method of consuming THC is that you don’t bring on the dangers of smoking, and the flavor of the gummy masks any sort of “weedy” taste. Also, natural cannabis has natural variations to it, so not every batch is going to have the same levels of THC, CBD, and the other important ingredients. cbdMD’s gummies are carefully manufactured and tested to have consistent levels in every bottle.

But how about the benefits of full-spectrum gummies compared to broad-spectrum CBD gummies without THC? It comes down to personal taste. Many people find that including THC in the mix makes the gummies even more relaxing and improves their sleep quality. Others say it helps settle their stomachs (something THC in general is known for) and ease minor physical discomfort.

The higher-potency gummies also have enough THC in them to be mildly intoxicating (10 mg). Many people enjoy the euphoria, but it can also interfere with your concentration, so you shouldn’t drive while you’re on these. And for those who may experience a sensitivity to THC, full-spectrum or original CBD gummies might be the best option for you.

So if you’re thinking of trying Delta 9 gummies, start slow. The lower-potency full-spectrum gummies have between 1 mg and 3 mg of THC each, depending on the concentration. This has an effect but is not intoxicating, so you might want to try those first to see if THC is beneficial to you.

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal—for Real?

At this point, you might be wondering how intoxication-level THC gummies are legally for sale. Well, they aren’t actually legal in all states. For that reason, cbdMD always recommends that consumers check with their local laws before purchase. Each state is different. However, they are legal under federal law, for the following reasons:

  • The 2018 Farm Bill federally legalized all products of industrial hemp, which was defined as cannabis that’s less than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight.
  • Similarly, the end products themselves can contain no more than 0.3 percent THC by dry weight.

cbdMD’s Delta 9 formula comes from industrial hemp, just like its other CBD extracts. And each gummy weighs 6 grams, or 6,000 milligrams, which means it can have up to 18 mg of THC before hitting the 0.3 percent threshold. So with 10 mg of THC each, the Delta 9 gummies are well within that limit.

  • Delta 9 products can ship to most states.
  • The low-potency full-spectrum gummies can be shipped to all states.

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Summing Up: Pros and Cons of Full-Spectrum Gummies

So to put this simply, here are the reasons you might want to try Delta 9 THC Gummies:

  • You want the most uplifting relaxation and comfort
  • You’re looking for that “lifted” feeling
  • You’re not subject to drug testing
  • Local laws allow Delta 9 products to be shipped

You might prefer low-potency full-spectrum CBD gummies if:

  • You want to get more uplifting relaxation and comfort
  • You’re looking for a less noticeable effect
  • You’re not subject to drug testing
  • Can ship to all states

You might want to stick with broad-spectrum CBD gummies if:

  • You want THC-free products
  • You want to relax while staying focused
  • You’re subject to drug testing
  • Can ship to all states

So as you can see, there’s no one answer to which kind of CBD gummy you should take. The choice is yours, try them all!

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