Are You Fit Enough to Win A Spartan Race? Test Yourself

Courtesy of Spartan

If you played sports in high school or college (but are now a champion desk jockey), reminiscing on the glory days of being an athlete may flood your mind from time to time. Just because you didn't get drafted out of college doesn't mean you can't still pursue your dreams of being an athlete, company kickball team aside. The team behind the Reebok Spartan Race recently created the Spartan Combine, a series of tests of strength, speed, and will designed to evaluate and challenge the most elite competitors. Joe DiStefano, director of fitness and training for Spartan Race, gave us a breakdown of the two-day combine events and results. Use them to see if you have what it takes to compete with the best of the best in obstacle racing. 

Broad Jump: Standing in place, and performing your longest jump possible.
What It Measures: Total body explosiveness
Elite Numbers: 112.625 inches
The Combine Average: 99.7 inches

Vertical Jump: Standing in place, and exploding up as high as possible.
What It Measures: Lower body power
Elite Numbers: 29.5 inches
The Combine Average: 23.9 inches

40-Yard Dash: Full-on short-distance sprint; performed on gravel.
What It Measures: Athletes' acceleration and sprint efficiency
Elite Numbers: 00:04.075
The Combine Average: 00:04.509


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1.5 Mile Time Trial: Full-on long-distance sprint; performed on gravel.
What It Measures: Aerobic power and stamina
Elite Numbers: 07:36.00
The Combine Average: 09:13.00

Pull-ups: Maximum reps without coming off the bar.
What It Measures: Upper body strength and muscle endurance
Elite Numbers: 33 pull-ups
The Combine Average: 22 pull-ups

30 Burpees: Reps are done for time; perform as fast as you can go.
What It Measures: total body fitness and anaerobic power
Elite Numbers: 00:48.096
The Combine Average: 00:58.1

Atlas Stone Relay: Pick up a 100-pound stone (or dumbbell), walk 10 yards, drop the stone and do 1 Burpee; repeat for a total of 2 minutes. Score is total burpees. 
What It Measures: Total body fitness, strength endurance, stamina, and mental toughness
Elite Numbers: 13 burpees
The Combine Average: 9.07 burpees

Hill Climb: 10 burpees + 200m hill sprint, for time.
What It Measures: Lactic tolerance, anaerobic power, lower body strength, and running economy.
Elite Numbers: 00:51.00
The Combine Average: 01:01.52

20-foot Rope Climb: Two ascents for time, switching ropes between each ascent.
What It Measures: Total body coordination and strength, anaerobic power, and mental toughness
Elite Numbers: 00:38.009
The Combine Average: 03:06.705

7-Foot Wall Climb: Start lying flat, chest to the ground. Scale wall and return back to the ground after each ascent; max number of climbs in 30 seconds.
What It Measures: Total body coordination and strength, anaerobic power, and mental toughness
Elite Numbers: 7 climbs
The Combine Average: 5.87 climbs

100-yard Barbed Wire Crawl: Crawl under 100 yards of low barbed wire.
What It Measures: Total body coordination and mobility, mental toughness, and versatility under pressure
Elite Numbers: 00:59.031
The Combine Average: 01:59.973

Spear Throw: Five spear throws + 1 long-distance "money spear"; 30-second time cap.
What It Measures: Throwing accuracy and ability to perform a relatively fine motor skill under pressure
Elite Numbers: 9 throws
The Combine Average: 4.8 throws

Hercules Hoist: Two reps for time.
What It Measures: Upper body and grip strength, as well as mental toughness
Elite Numbers: 00:26.028
The Combine Average: 00:46.00

Grip Strength (via a hand dynometer)
What It Measures: Maximal “squeezing” grip strength
Elite Numbers: 120 to 160 pounds of "squeeze" pressure

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