Are You Part of Facebook’s Exclusive “Discover” Pilot Project?


Some quick stats: More than a billion people use the 10s of millions of Facebook “Groups” each month. Those Groups include private ones for something like planning a bachelor party to public ones, like Groups just for guys who love BBQ and beer (yes, there’s a group for that—more on it below). Better yet, there are groups dedicated to helping members get fitter, eat healthier, and reach any of many really specific body-bettering goals.

Whether or not you’re already a Group user, now is the perfect time to open up your app and scope it out again. That’s because Facebook is launching a new feature, called “Discover” that’s pretty cool. “We are piloting a dedicated section within Groups in the main Facebook app where you can browse public and closed Facebook Groups by category, friend Groups and local Groups,” a Facebook spokesperson told us. The thing is that right now, “Discover” is not yet available to everyone. The only way to find out if you have it is to check on your iOS or android device. To do that, navigate to “Groups” under the “More” tab on the app and see if you have a new section called “Discover.” (See the video demo above.) If so, you can then browse more than 25 popular categories of Groups such as sports, food, buy & sell, networking, parenting, animals & pets, hobby & leisure, support & comfort, and travel. You’ll also see suggested friend Groups and local Groups.

Though we don’t have a hard date, Facebook plans to roll out “Discover” more broadly in the near future, so keep checking back if you’re not amoung the chosen few that get to test it early.

In the meantime, we worked with Facebook to pull together this list of groups ideal for MEN’S FITNESS readers. So, whether or not you’re in the Facebook elite, you can join one of these great groups today. Scroll through to find one that fits your interests and simply search in Facebook to find and join them. 

1. Trail and Ultra Running – 32,700+ members

“We’re a fun, supportive community of trail and ultra runners, new and experienced alike!”

2. Paleo Healthy Cooking, Meat, Vegetarian And Vegan Recipes – 2,500+ members

“A place where we have healthy cook offs and share recipes. From Paleo to Vegetarian and Vegan meals. And as long as it’s healthy, you can participate. This is a group that also has meat dishes due to Paleo so just a small heads up for the vegans and vegetarians joining us.”

3. Adventure Addicts: Hiking, Camping, and Backpacking in the Rockies – 730+ members

“This is a group for Colorado residents and visitors, who love to get the most out of the mountains. Hiking camping, backpacking, 14ers, ice climbing, rock climbing, bouldering…any kind of outdoor adventure!”

4. Marathon Maniacs – 17,200+ members

“An online group of marathoners, who run as many marathons as possible.”

5. The Yoga Room– 14,000+ members

“This is your online yoga studio so go ahead and put your mat down, say hi to the yogi next to you.”

6. A Year of Running- 120,500+ members

“Started by Mark Zuckerberg, who is running 365 miles this year as his New Years Resolution, the Group is dedicated to discussing running adventures and experiences here. Posts in this group will be moderated to maintain quality.”

7. Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness Unfiltered– 8,000+ members

“This is an unfiltered Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness group.”

8. Body Building And Fitness Club – 2,600+ members

“All About Workout And Motivation.”

9. BBQ Pitmasters Secrets – 9,400 members

“Just great bbq pictures and discussion.”

10. BBQ Masters and Beer Drinkers – 9,100 members

“A great place to add your bbq photos and the beer you drink while bbqing.”


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