Are You at Risk for Cannabis Psychosis?

Are You at Risk for Cannabis Psychosis?

You know that one guy who smoked too much in college and sort of dropped off the face of the earth? It turns out it might not be just coincidence that he’s, well, a guy.

Current data suggests that twice as many men smoke weed as women. But what’s more concerning is the finding of a new study by researchers at the University of York. Researchers determined that, over 11 years, men were four times more likely than women to experience weed-related psychosis.

Symptoms of psychosis include paranoia, hallucinations, and entering a catatonic state. It’s a broad medical term that is associated with a variety of different psychological and physiological conditions. 

“When it comes to cannabis psychosis gender does matter,” said lead researcher Ian Hamilton in a release. “The marked gender difference in rates of cannabis psychosis is puzzling.” 

Well, the more you know…

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