Arnold Schwarzenegger Fires MMA Star Chael Sonnen on ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’


Chael Sonnen is having a tough week.

After getting choked out in the first round by Tito Ortiz at Bellator 170 on Saturday, Sonnen suffered another defeat while appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice.

When his team was running short on time, Sonnen decided that he’d try to leverage a technicality in the rules to help them out. According to the show’s rules, if the team experiences a technical difficulty during a challenge, the clock freezes. With that in mind, Sonnen literally cut the power to their computer to give them more time to finish a project:


While Sonnen hailed himself a hero and a “gangster,” his team didn’t share the sentiment and reported his actions back to the boss, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is referred to as “The Governor” by the show’s contestants.

No stranger to the value of hard work, Schwarzenegger was not amused by Sonnen’s split-second decision to cheat his way out of a problem. Although Sonnen tried to present himself to the boss as a creative hero, his efforts were in vain and he was fired—well, terminated.

Check out minute 1:36 of the video below to see Schwarzenegger terminate Sonnen for his crafty move.