Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants Revenge for His Family in New ‘Aftermath’ Trailer

Arnold aftermath main2

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back—and he’s out for vengeance.

In the new trailer for Aftermath, instead of playing a Terminator or a badass soldier, Schwarzenegger stars as a father dealing with crippling guilt in the wake of an avoidable plane crash that kills his wife, daughter, and unborn grandchild.

The trailer starts off hopeful as Schwarzenegger’s character (a construction foreman) prepares for the arrival of his family. But a mistake by an air traffic controller (Argo star Scoot McNairy) changes everything: Schwarzenegger careens from the hope of seeing his family, to the intense grief he faces after the crash, to the all-consuming rage in the wake of the disaster.

The tension builds throughout the trailer, as Schwarzenegger works to track down the man responsible for the deaths of his family, before hitting a crescendo when Arnold rings the bell of his mystery tormentor.

You probably wouldn’t want to be the guy opening that door and finding the Terminator staring you down:


Aftermath marks a dramatic showcase for Schwarzenegger, who has been busy with The Celebrity Apprentice after appearing in Terminator Genisys, The Expendables 3, the underrated Maggie, and Sabotage.

Schwarzenegger is also set to appear this year in the action comedy Why We’re Killing Gunther, about group of assassins who rebel against the best of the group, alongside Saturday Night Live veteran Taran Killam (who also is directing) and Cobie Smulders (Avengers: Age of Ultron). And let’s not forget a potential role in The Expendables 4 alongside good friends Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.

Aftermath, directed by Elliott Lester and starring Schwarzenegger, McNairy, and Maggie Grace, hits the theaters April 7.

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