Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Muscled-Up Bodybuilding Career Gets the TV Treatment in ‘Pump’

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Muscled-Up Bodybuilding Career Gets the TV Treatment in ‘Pump’

Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to “pump” you up.

A new television series titled Pump is in the works based on the early exploits of Schwarzenegger when he was a world-class bodybuilder, according to Deadline. The series will take place in 1973 and will be “loosely” based on Schwarzenegger’s life and the time he spent working his muscles at the Venice Beach gym that he still currently frequents. The Terminator star will produce the 8-episode hourlong drama, while Bryan Goluboff (Blue Bloods) will serve as show runner and executive producer .

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“I knew from our first brainstorming session that Pump would be a hit,” said Schwarzenegger in a statement. “The 70’s were such a colorful, transformational time, for me and for our entire country. I look forward to bringing that color to people’s living rooms with the fantastic, deep characters and the multi-layered story lines of Pump. I feel so passionate about this project because today it’s easy to take our gyms and culture of fitness for granted, but it all started with this wild group of bodybuilders as a tiny subculture in a little dungeon gym in Venice Beach. I can’t wait to get to work with our great team.”

The show will follow a group of bodybuilders who “birthed the physical fitness industry and body worship in the Pacific Avenue beachfront gym that was their temple.” The group of characters are described as “freakishly muscular” and some of the storylines will include tales “hedonism and adventure in 1970s Southern California.”

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During this time period, Schwarzenegger won his first of seven Mr. Olympia titles and appeared in the documentary Pumping Iron, which helped launch the future governor of California to superstardom. No network is attached to the show yet, but Schwarzenegger and and series creator Michael Konyves have signed a deal with CBS Television Studios to develop the show.

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