Arnold Stars in First Lead Role Since Terminator 3

Arnold Stars in First Lead Role Since Terminator 3

As stoked as we are for the AFC and NFC Championship Games on Sunday, we’re also carving out time this weekend to check out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new action flick, The Last Stand. We’ve missed seeing the The Governator on the big screen (he hasn’t had a lead role since Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in 2003) and the former bodybuilder never fails to inspire us in the gym.

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In The Last Stand, Schwarzenegger plays Sheriff Ray Owens, a man who’s on a mission to intercept a notorious drug kingpin speeding toward the sleepy border town of Sommerton Junction before the cartel flees the country forever. And even at 65, Arnie looks bulked up and badass on screen.

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Not that we’re surprised, though. When we caught up with the former Mr. Universe during his Men’s Fitness cover shoot in September, he told us how he tweaks his workouts—altering proportions of cardio and resistance training, using heavier weights, etc.—to best fit the character he is taking on, whether it’s small town sheriff or a sword fighter. Arnold’s also been adding injury-prevention moves to his regimen because, hey, those stunts take a toll over the years. All we can say is that we hope we fare as well as the Austrian Oak after 40.