Ask Men’s Fitness: Can I Still Use the Bowflex I Found in My Attic?

Bowflex trainer

“I found an old Bowflex in the attic. Is this thing good for anything, or should I just toss it?” -Ben M., Austin, TX 

Depends entirely on the model, actually. Tim Arndt, a fitness expert and resistance training specialist, says he would be hesitant to use the mid-’90s Power Pro—a black frame with a cylinder tubing—because “they’ve had a few recalls over the years.”

The Power Rod models are newer and haven’t had “as many” recalls, but you’ll still need to make sure the rod has enough durability left. If it’s a Revolution or Revolution XP model, Arndt says, “you’ve hit a gold mine. This is by far the best machine Bowflex has ever made and is built to last.” But is it worth your time? “Anything that provides load to the muscles will cause them to adapt,” he says. “Your body doesn’t care what’s resisting it.” 

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