Ask Men’s Fitness: “What Is the Actual Best App to Track My Lifting and Strength Progress?”


Great question—and if you put down that 45-pound plate for a sec, we’ll tell you.

The answer is: Jefit, according to nutrition coach Jeff Zabrin, a fitness writer.

“I’m a stat-obsessed lifter,” Zabrin says, “so it’s my go-to app. It’s easy to use and has tons of valuable information.” And it’s great for routine tracking: “You enter the set and rep range of each exercise—the app’s database has more than 1,300—and the weight you’re lifting, and it calculates and tracks your entire workout. It can even track rests and tell you when to start your next set.”

The app also helps you switch up your routine—crucial for muscle growth—by drawing on the huge Jefit community. 

“There are 2,100- plus routines customized by Jefit users,” Zabrin says, “so you can compare yours with theirs. It’s a great way to see how you stack up against others with similar body types.” 

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