ASK MF: Are There Stretches or Exercises I Can Do to Help With Digestion?


I’m suffering from, uh, “occasional irregularities.” Are there stretches or exercises I can do to help with digestion?  – JOE E., SEATTLE, WA

Absolutely. Regular exercise of any kind improves your body’s ability to digest food, as long as the workouts aren’t too extreme, according to nutritionist, ex-international sports competitor, and best-selling author Amanda Hamilton. 

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Yoga is a huge help, she says, as the twisting postures compress the colon and aid digestion. She advises a simple spinal twist: “Lie on your back, hugging your knees in gently, inhale, and on the exhale, drop the knees to the left, compressing the right side of the body, then vice versa. Stay for at least five breaths at each side.”

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