Ask the Strong Man

Ask the Strong Man

Q: How long do your workouts last?

A: Usually around an hour, including warm-ups. I try to keep my weight workouts short and fast-paced. Besides giving me more time to relax, it improves my conditioning.

I typically do about 20 sets of heavy lifting, which is a pretty good rule of thumb for anyone. In my experience, most guys try to do too many exercises per workout. Long workouts usually have a lot of down time, and you simply can’t maintain a high enough intensity over that amount of time to make it worthwhile.

Q: What do you eat after a workout?

A: Due to my work schedule, I usually go with a post-workout shake. It’s a convenient and fast way to replenish your body with nutrients shortly after your workout to maximize muscle recovery and growth. My personal favorite: MHP’s Up Your Mass. I like its ratio of protein, carbs, and fats, and it tastes great. I usually down a couple until I can get to my steak dinner.

Q: What’s the hardest thing you ever had to lift in real life?

A: Rocks. I grew up in southeast Wisconsin, working summers for my old man at a stone quarry. I did work that they don’t make convicts do anymore. He dumped huge slabs of limestone from a front-end loader onto the ground, and I broke them up with a 22-pound sledgehammer–then stacked them neatly on pallets. Just like chain-gang work. No gloves, no radio–just the rocks and me. I can get you a job, if you like.

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