Australian Scientists Have Created a Pill That Can Predict Your Flatulence

electronic gas pill
RMIT University

We still don’t have a cure for cancer, AIDs, multiple sclerosis, or even the common cold, but science has solved one medical problem: predicting your farts.

Australian researchers at RMIT University have created an electronic pill that monitors gas levels in the human body.  It’s almost like something out of an episode of “Black Mirror”: individuals swallow a tiny device inside a pill capsule that is connected to an app. From there, researchers can study gas in the human body in order to gain a better understanding of microbes and other inner workings of the human gut. (An added “bonus” to this research is that scientists will be able to tell when you’re more than likely to pass gas.)


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The study that the pill was designed for will compile data that traditionally has been hard to collect. Until now, attempts to study the ins and outs of gut functionality have involved pretty invasive procedures.

Beyond knowing when you’re going to rip one, this kind of electronic pill does have serious implications for the future of medicine. They might even become the new normal: Imagine a tiny device that could monitor your health and vital stats from inside your own body. Of course, we’ll have to wait for the results of the study to see if this device is the real McCoy or just hot air.

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