The Back and Biceps Beginner Workout to Build Muscle Fast

The fourth day (Friday) of THE FOUNDATION program will be back and biceps. You’ve seen heavy deadlifts before—to a beginner those things can be nerve-racking. That’s OK. We’ve got something even better—the Trap Bar Deadlift. Why? First off, it’s easy to get into (and stay into) a safer position for the lower back. Second, it’s actually been heavily researched and turns out, it’s an incredibly effective exercise when compared to others—check out The Most Important Exercise Every Athlete Should Do.

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1. Trap Bar Deadlift
5 sets x 10

2. Single-arm DB Row
3 sets x 10

3. Pull up (or Inverted Row)
3 sets x as many as possible


1. BB Curl
3 sets x 10

2. Lying Cable Curl
3 sets x 10

3. Open-grip Concentration Curl
3 sets x 10